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Traub cardboard solutions, provides the customer the ideal solution for packaging. since the planning of the suitable product to the final package and transport. All that process is Tailor Made for the customer. We have over 50 years experience. Menahem simha, an L.C.P London graduate, Is the CEO. In Traub we provide the client a personal and professional service, from the product planning to the final production. We can manage any quantity, and we take that matter through the production process. At Traub we use the cutting edge materials in the carton and cardboard industry. We strongly emphasize the use of recycled material that can be recycled. Among our customers you can find leading organizations and companies, NMC and Hed arzi. Golan winery, Carmel Mizrahi. checkpoint, aladin, medinol, Ahava dead sea, Media direct, National sciences academy, Government offices, Dan hotels, Jewelers and goldsmiths, Yad vashem and many more.

Consumers prefer cardboard

A product must appeal to a consumer to persuade them to buy and packaging plays a vital role in this. With so many purchasing decisions made in store it is vital that the packaging, which is what the consumer actually sees, is attractive and that it stands out on a shelf. Cartons and cartonboard are well liked by consumers and in a study by the Karmasin Institute, it was found that cartons have a reliable and safe image. Consumers like cartons. They trust them and find them easier to use than other forms of packaging. In addition they are easy to crush and recycle and cartons have an excellent record with facilities in place all over Europe to recover them and return them for recycling.
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